Technical Overview

KryoFlux features
  • Compatible with USB 2.0 (high-speed).
  • Powered by USB interface (approx. 500mA). Drive requires its own power (typical floppy drive power requirement at spin-up > 500mA).
  • Shugart (with extensions) drive interface. 34-pin dual-row header connector.
  • Works with all major 3.5" and 5.25" drives
  • Works well with selected 3" (e.g. Amstrad FDI-1) drives.
  • Also works with 8" (e.g. Shugart 851; might require additional adapter) drives; other types of drives and media currently under investigation.
  • Connection of two drives supported using a dual floppy cable, one can be accessed at a time.
  • Host software is currently Windows (XP and up, 32 and 64-bit flavours), Mac OS X and Linux.
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface (including raw data visualisation): kf_ui