SPS is a privately funded association of art collectors and computer enthusiasts striving for the preservation of computer art, namely computer games.

Art is an important cultural asset. Thousands of museums and archives all over the world preserve and restore pictures, books, movies and audio recordings and information in general for generations to come. To accomplish their assignment, national libraries are backed by law which, varying from country to country, forces production companies to deliver copies of publications, books, audio recordings and movies to the archives for long term preservation. However, only very few care about games or software in general, with an even smaller number caring about ingesting the actual data for preservation. It also seems that as of today, nobody has ever actively cared about the true, unmodified and verified preservation of computer games. Without any action taken, time will run out, very quickly.

The Software Preservation Society

SPS has successfully mastered the challenges and developed software and hardware technology to deal with the problems arising during the preservation process. Founded by computer expert and preservation pioneer István Fábián in 2001 as CAPS (the Classic Amiga Preservation Society), the highly specialized team has more than twelve years of field experience. SPS members have not only been involved in playing games on the machines which are regarded retro today, but were programmers and designers also responsible for some of the games and programs available on these platforms. The technology includes KryoFlux, KryoFlux FREE for the Commodore Amiga and a specialised container format suitable for long term preservation (Interchangeable Preservation Format - IPF), which can also store anomalies, as used for copy protection.